The kitchen is one place in every home where time is spent the most. Being a social animal man needs to eat and hence the kitchen serves the best place for the best food to be prepared.. Kitchen is the most multi functional place in a house. It serves as a place for entertaining guests, preparing food and also having it.

The kitchen as said earlier is the integral part of the house and the basic requirement is always a sink having continuous water supply, a stove, refrigerator and an exhaust. This is the least one can have in a kitchen but as technology has advanced the latest kitchens are a world apart.

 Designing the kitchen

The shape of any kitchen plays a pivotal role in place utilization. The most common shapes are the L shaped and the U shaped .Once that has been decided upon, the next come the height of the cabinets and the depth of the counter tops. To avoid back pains it should be kept in mind to design the kitchen ergonomically. Base units are usually for the sink, racks, cooking and oven unit and refrigerator. Lighting plays a major role in the kitchen. In a place where one chops, dice, grates the right lighting is the key to a successful kitchen. A kitchen island light can be the focus point of the kitchen while under cabinet lights can allow for no place to be in darkness.

 Sinks and faucets

This is the most utilized item in a week in every kitchen. From washing the dishes to making the morning cup of tea, the faucet must be durable and of very high quality. A double sink is now more in fashion as it helps for more space washing especially after parties.

 Tiles

This is an essential part of any house design but in kitchens tiles are found from the floor to the ceiling in all sorts of material, texture and color. Backsplash tiles will always be the focal point for any kitchen. Tiles on the walls just above the cooking zone should be such that can be easily cleaned and should be of subtle color. Light colored tiles will show food particles and water stains more clearly than darker tiles.

 Appliances

A kitchen without appliance is like a laundry without a washer and dryer. Refrigerators, ovens, micro waves, blenders are the pillars of any modern kitchen. They help in making the morning juices, the yummy cakes and the Kentucky chickens

 Kitchen Furniture

Where there is food there will be people and for people one needs furniture. For a small kitchen a round four chair table would be ideal as it looks cozier against the background of the aroma emanating from the kitchen.

 Modular kitchens

A modular kitchen is one do it yourself kitchen in which each utensil is placed in the right place. It has the following benefits:

1. Installation of a modular kitchen does not take much time or effort.

2. It is highly durable as it is made of high quality durable material.

3. Cleaning is effortless

4. Individual components can be bought as required.

5. Even in the smallest kitchen it offers plenty of space.