We created a custom app to help us design kitchens for clients

We are all about innovation.  At this point in time, all companies and businesses that truly want to connect with their clients have a mobile application.  Banks have apps that allow clients to avoid long queues at the agency.  Major stores have applications that keep clients in the loop for new trends, fashions, and special offers.

Here in Kitchen Design, we are all about designing kitchens but we have created our own mobile application through the top Mobile App Development Vancouver.

Features of our mobile app

Thanks to the great work of our partners, we are able to offer a highly personalized application that has the following amazing features:

  • A user-friendly design that allows you to navigate with one hand.  You get a nice top menu bar plus a gear icon on the top left that allows you to customize our services.
  • We stayed faithful to the red coloration of our website but in a more eye-friendly form.  Most of it is a white haze with red sections.  This increases the liveliness of our app.
  • The front page includes trending kitchen designs.  This front page will be updated on a regular basis.
  • You can select a photo album by simply tapping on the options on the menu bar.  Each tab has a listing of various examples of types of kitchens.
  • On the top right menu, you have the options to a more personalized experience.  You can create an account and opt in for a subscription letter (coming soon).  There are options to change letter size and style, the number of photos you want to see as default in every page, and a couple more things.

The mobile app will definitively provide a more personalized experience and a closer look at what Kitchen Design is about.

Coming soon

We are only excited about all the extra features that will be coming soon!  Your experience now will be a lot more versatile and convenient.  The following are features that we will be rolling during the following weeks:

  • A much faster loading.  Pictures will require less data to load so you will get a much richer experience.
  • Very soon, we will be placing social media buttons for you to share your favorite renos on Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, and Twitter.
  • A chat for you to make any question to dedicated agents.
  • You will be able to get important news about kitchen design and trends.

Stay with us here at Kitchen Design and experience the love of a good kitchen renovation.

Designing a Kitchen which is friendly to grow your business

When you have a home business to run, you should think of all the details that will make this business run smoothly.  You want to make a profit out of it after all.

Picking the right place in your house is essential.  You need a space that is easy to access, with good lighting, and a bit far from noise or other distractions.  Now, the kitchen is not probably the first place that comes to mind when you think of such space.

Fortunately, you can design the kitchen in such a way that it is suited for your business.  What a better and cozier place to make those numbers roll in full circle?  This is how you design a kitchen for a home business.

A kitchen table

This is the first thing you need to think of.  You see, most people when they think of a space to run a home business, the dining table comes to mind.  But then it is hard to seal up such area to make it a bit more personal.

If you are living with your family, then probably a dining table will prove to be too open to the outside.  A kitchen table, however, is lodged in the kitchen and can perfectly fit most spaces.  Try to place it a bit far from the oven and make sure it does not get in the way of the refrigerator door or cabinets.

If possible, make this table foldable or somehow make sure it can be easily moved for when the time for cooking comes.

A bit spacious

Space is important when it comes to designing the kitchen.  Now, be careful here.  Please note that when it comes to space, the more we have, the more we feel the need to fill it, and then, we want more space.  But, we will not get into that.

Allow a decent amount of space in the kitchen.  Remember that there is some dangerous stuff inside a kitchen already.  You do not want to add to the danger.

Some other specs

Besides the table and space, there are other small things that you need to take care of.  Make sure you have access to an outlet on your working space.  If possible do not share an outlet with an electronic kitchen appliance.

If you do not live alone, make sure the space in the kitchen is somehow off bounds for the rest of your family.  This does not mean that you should design the kitchen with a door lock.  Imagine how scary it would be for your relatives not to be able to access the refrigerator!

Schedule working on times where you will actually be cooking, of course.  Also, remember that the kitchen will work wonders if you need it to perform small tasks.  If you need a computer, printer, scanner, etc., you might want to consider other space.

If you need help with your business per se, you can give a call to the best business coach out there.  She will definitively help you get quick profit out of your business.

Renovating Kitchens to sell homes quicker

A person looking to sell their house would need to do some renovations and remodel some sections of their house. One of the most crucial parts of a resale project to consider is how to renovate the kitchen of your house.

A buyer can walk in and just totally disregard the idea of buying your house because it doesn’t have a nice kitchen. It’s true that kitchen features are one of the biggest things being looked at by buyers nowadays.

For a reseller like you, you should find a way to remodel your kitchen to make it more appealing. But this appeal shouldn’t just be specific for a few people you don’t know who’s going to walk through your doors once you open your house up for reselling. Remodel it in such a way that it would attract anyone interested in a nice kitchen area. You can try out these tips to sell your home quicker.

Local Real Estate Agent

A local real estate agent is a person who’s familiar with the kind of buyers a certain area has. They have their own opinions based on the experience they’ve had working in the market. They are a good source of advice on how to remodel a kitchen because real estate agents can tell you what clients prefer and do not prefer in terms of the current market landscape.

Simple Design

A simple design will go a long way to appeal for potential walk-in buyers. Simple doesn’t mean it should be all white, unless that’s what the market prefers. But, a subdued look and feel would be a great theme for a kitchen remodeling project.

Open Space

Remodelers who have a bigger budget would be better served if they can also think of the floor plan for a bigger kitchen. It gives the kitchen a more sociable environment and you can do more tasks other than cooking and cleaning inside a larger kitchen area.

These are just simple ways to rebuild your kitchen into making it an attraction when you resell your home. It just takes the right mix of creativity, ingenuity and simplicity to make your house more attractive to buyers.

The Worst Place to Have Asbestos? Your Kitchen!

Asbestos_fibresThe most sanitized part of our homes is supposed to be our kitchens. That is where we prepare our food, that is where some of best family conversation takes place, the kitchen is just the best place in a home second only to you own room. But what if you have asbestos problems in your kitchen? That is just unbearable! That last place that you should have asbestos removal problems is the kitchen. Asbestos inspection in Vancouver can be tricky and that should not happen in your kitchen!

Why Should You Care About Asbestos?

Here are some of the things you need to know about asbestos. Asbestos is a naturally occurring minerals that is heavily mined in Canada. This mineral has been praised for its heat resistant property and has been used way back to the ancient Greeks. Due to this, it has been used by most buildings as insulators until the 1980s when its ill effects were discovered. This means that a lot of vintage buildings may still have asbestos in it even today. This could be your own home.

The problem with asbestos is that it causes a lot of lung problems like asbestosis which can lead to cancer. When not detected immediately, its presence can posts risk to a lot of people living in your home. This could be your love ones, immediate family or tenants that are just there in order to have place to stay.

When problems get this close to home, you have every reason to worry. Any homeowner would want to protect his or her family members and that’s why asbestos problems should be dealt with. The first thing that you should do is look for somebody who knows how to test for asbestos presence in Vancouver. You can’t take matters into your own hands because this is a technical problem which requires expertise. As already mentioned, asbestos is a health hazard and taking matters into your own hands is definitely a bad idea.

So how do you identify an expert in matters of asbestos inspections? Well, make sure that the company should have the reputation of integrity and must have years of experience in dealing with asbestos in homes. Do they have a long line of satisfied customers? If so, they must be good. Are there any complaints from previous customers? These are red flags that you must be careful with. In any case, make sure that you act quickly in dealing with asbestos and always choose the right company to fix the problem for you.

Why I hire Professionals to clean commercial kitchen space

As passionate I am about a commercial kitchen, its design, and space, I am also keen to maintaining it always clean.  This is, after all, the place where diners trust their food is being prepared in the cleanest environment possible.  Now, try to think about all the events that can possibly take place in a kitchen.  We are talking about a spot where there are a lot of people gathered.  They come from rather different places and contexts.  Each one of them could easily be carrying a potential for uncleanliness.  Now, I do not intend for you to panic over your next visit to your favorite restaurant.  I just want you to know why it is that I hire professionals to take on the work of cleaning a commercial kitchen.

Everything from cupboards to cutting boards needs to be sanitized.  We deal with all types of foods in a restaurant, including meats, deli meats, and seafood.   Just passing a wipe or scrubbing on the sink will not do it.  This is why we use special sanitizers to get the job really done. So we got this part pretty much covered.  All the silverware is properly cleaned so that the next diner can have their meals with the most sanitized utensils.

But when it comes to cleaning floors and working areas, I do believe I need an extra hand.  This is even more important than what we mentioned above since these elements are the ones that create the atmosphere.  This is where we work upon.  This is where our art is created.  All tables, sinks, and floors need professional cleaning if they are to stay pristine and neat.

Of course, I get in touch with the best cleaners in Yorkville to get the job done.  Professional cleaners have the craft to search for the most elusive speck of dirt or filth.  Their resources equip them adequately to effectively get rid of any impurity we could had left behind.  Now, leaving this unattended is a potential site for bacteria growth.

Professional cleaners use the best cleaning substances that are adequate for the type of materials being used on and, very importantly, eco-friendly.  The work done by a professional cleaner is guaranteed, wich makes you rest assured that any complaint will be filed with due professionality.

The floors need special attention in a kitchen.  Many elements such as corners and rubber carpets on the floor might make it a bit more difficult to tend properly.  A professional cleaner will not leave these areas behind.  They will thoroughly pan over the entire floor by removing carpets and any other elements that might get in the way of a thorough cleaning.

I hire professional cleaners as frequent as at least twice a week. You have to be responsible for the work are of a commercial kitchen.  You owe that to your faithful diners.


Why 3D Photography Can Help Sell a New Kitchen

When selling a home, the kitchen is the place to renovate and take special care of.  Traditionally, this place is regarded as the part of the house where many memories are built at the warmth of the oven and the clanking of the pots.  It is for sure the one place that potential clients will focus on when taking a look at the home you are selling.

In order for clients to have a comfortable and immersive experience at visiting properties for sale from their homes, 3D photography is a revolutionary tool.  A real estate photography in three dimensions that allows visitors (to a website) to control all the movements of the camera is sure to produce a positive impact.  The following are just a few reasons why 3-D photography can help sell a new kitchen.

A more intimate experience

Usually, a client would like to go through all the details of the kitchen.  Especially if it is a space with many of them to look at.  Sometimes they want to stay a while just to get a feeling of what would it feel like to go being at that place every day.  Many times, they do not get to experience this while visiting due to many reasons: pressure, time, etc.  With 3-D photography, a client gets to immerse themselves into the most intimate spots of the kitchen and take as long as they want contemplating every corner without anyone pushing or rushing them.  They get to experience, in a truly vivid way, what it would be like to be in that kitchen.  Once the feeling is right, they will get in touch with whoever is selling this house and go visit a space they are already pretty familiar with.

Attention to details

With 3-D photography, visitors also get the chance to explore and study the details in a kitchen.  This provides a more in-depth experience of the space.  Many buyers out there give these details pretty much importance.  Once they have seen a spot and have explored every single corner, they will go straight to business when they visit the space.

It is comfortable

Sitting in front of a computer, exploring the kitchen of their dreams in high definition detail late at night or early in the morning with slippers on is truly a heavenly experience.  Clients are given the comfort of visiting a nice kitchen from the comfort of a home.  This provides a plus to the client experience and speaks for the seller putting them in a good word.

It is a great experience to allow clients to visit the lovely kitchen of a home in sale through their computer screen while they take their cup of coffee.  This is more convenient than traveling to the house and going there physically.  Of course, a visit to the actual place is important but this will be done with a better understanding of what the place is like.

Higher chances to get a lead

Providing a client such an immersive and innovative experience increases the chances of closing business.  A 3-D photography experience is a marvelous one that has the plus of engaging a lead into a truly complete experience, at a very low cost for both the seller and the buyer.

Why the Kitchen is the Easiest Thing to Market in Your ‘For Sale’ Home

As we have stated before, the kitchen is basically a home inside a home. All the warmth found in there is an indication of how important this place is.  As a matter of fact,  most professionals in building and designing seem to agree that this is the most important part of a house.  So there needs to be a special focus on its design and functionality.  Special efforts are placed in the designing and furnishing of this spot of the house.

Housewives, which usually spend a lot of time in the kitchen will usually prefer to have this part of the house go through a process of renovation.  Therefore, this is usually the spot that house owners try to keep pristine.

We all know that when it comes to renovation, the kitchen will be the housewife’s favorite spot to get a transformation.  Many times, this will mean a complete makeover.  This means that this is the one spot you must market since it will be your best showcase.

One important detail to keep in mind is to try to maintain the rest of the house in good shape as well.  Even though marketing has to do with giving the best display possible, it is not about creating a fantasy world prone to crumble into a “crude reality”.  Nevertheless, it is also important to note that the kitchen, which, as we have mentioned before, is probably the most important room of a house.  Chances are, your potential buyers will give special attention to this part of the house.

Make sure you do make an important investment in your kitchen´s renovation.  You will find out later that this might make the difference between selling your home or not.  Or the difference between selling it at a regular or good price.  This will make the marketing of your home once you have decided to put it on the market, a lot easier.

In conclusion, these are the basic aspects that you should work on in your kitchen and that you should be able to market effetively:

  • Looks.  The spot must be appealing to the eye and an attention catcher.
  • Practicality.  Make sure that moving around it is easy and smooth.  This might mean that you will need to invest in space.  Nobody wants to move into a kitchen where they will be crammed up.
  • Functionality.  All things must be in their appropriate place.  Allow spaces for all electrical appliances
  • Modernism.  Your kitchen should be able to meet all the special and new requirements of a modern home. This has nothing to do with its interior design.  You can have a modern kitchen with a rather vintage look.

All you have left now is call Curve Communications for them to start your marketing strategy.  You will surely get the best results when marketing your kitchen and your home.


The kitchen is one place in every home where time is spent the most. Being a social animal man needs to eat and hence the kitchen serves the best place for the best food to be prepared.. Kitchen is the most multi functional place in a house. It serves as a place for entertaining guests, preparing food and also having it.

The kitchen as said earlier is the integral part of the house and the basic requirement is always a sink having continuous water supply, a stove, refrigerator and an exhaust. This is the least one can have in a kitchen but as technology has advanced the latest kitchens are a world apart.

 Designing the kitchen

The shape of any kitchen plays a pivotal role in place utilization. The most common shapes are the L shaped and the U shaped .Once that has been decided upon, the next come the height of the cabinets and the depth of the counter tops. To avoid back pains it should be kept in mind to design the kitchen ergonomically. Base units are usually for the sink, racks, cooking and oven unit and refrigerator. Lighting plays a major role in the kitchen. In a place where one chops, dice, grates the right lighting is the key to a successful kitchen. A kitchen island light can be the focus point of the kitchen while under cabinet lights can allow for no place to be in darkness.

 Sinks and faucets

This is the most utilized item in a week in every kitchen. From washing the dishes to making the morning cup of tea, the faucet must be durable and of very high quality. A double sink is now more in fashion as it helps for more space washing especially after parties.

 Tiles

This is an essential part of any house design but in kitchens tiles are found from the floor to the ceiling in all sorts of material, texture and color. Backsplash tiles will always be the focal point for any kitchen. Tiles on the walls just above the cooking zone should be such that can be easily cleaned and should be of subtle color. Light colored tiles will show food particles and water stains more clearly than darker tiles.

 Appliances

A kitchen without appliance is like a laundry without a washer and dryer. Refrigerators, ovens, micro waves, blenders are the pillars of any modern kitchen. They help in making the morning juices, the yummy cakes and the Kentucky chickens

 Kitchen Furniture

Where there is food there will be people and for people one needs furniture. For a small kitchen a round four chair table would be ideal as it looks cozier against the background of the aroma emanating from the kitchen.

 Modular kitchens

A modular kitchen is one do it yourself kitchen in which each utensil is placed in the right place. It has the following benefits:

1. Installation of a modular kitchen does not take much time or effort.

2. It is highly durable as it is made of high quality durable material.

3. Cleaning is effortless

4. Individual components can be bought as required.

5. Even in the smallest kitchen it offers plenty of space.